Strip Tile, the Original Antique Mirror Subway Tile!
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The Glass Shoppe Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror Sample Sets


The best way to select which antique mirror patterns coordinate best with your design is to order a Sample set. A complete Sample Set includes (9) antique mirror swatches. 

Once your sample antique mirror tiles arrive, It's time to play! Mix a few of your favorite tiles together for an eclectic look or keep tit clean and polished with one shiny pattern. 

Summer Cloud, Italiano, Woodford, French and Smokey Quartz make a beautiful grey toned tile set.

Grey Mixed Set Antique Mirror Tiles

Colorful Sunset Patina Recipe - Hydrangea, Silver Patina, Italiano,  Sunset and Summer Cloud. 


We also love....

Gold Glam-  Try mixing Hollywood and Smokey Quartz


Dark Cloud is dramatic and stoic, it makes a statement all on it's own. 

Hydrangea- we love to mix Hydrangea but it's quite smashing on it's own.


Sample tile swatches are 4" x 8". Tile thickness is 1/8" thick, 1/4" is available as a custom order. 


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