Strip Tile, the Original Antique Mirror Subway Tile!
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About us

Welcome to Strip Tiles, home of the Antique Mirror Subway Tile!  Leslie Pabst Antique Mirror Glass Designer

Strip Tiles were created by Leslie Inniss,  with a little bit of luck and a dose of her innovative spirit.  Owning and operating a Glass and Mirror Company, she found glass and mirror  to be the perfect medium to unleash her inner creative. Antique Mirror was soon her favorite medium to play with. She quickly tired of the monotony in machine made antique mirror. It was only handmade Antique Mirror that would make her light up! Leslie was fascinated by each perfectly, imperfect piece. 

She started to design and create with her Antique Mirror. It was her first design that would be the start of Strip Tiles, the first Antique Mirror Subway Tile. It was a kitchen backsplash, for her sister Britten. Leslie and her sister Britten spent hours trying to come up with a new backsplash idea. They had determined from the beginning that her backsplash would be made of antique mirror. The challenge was finding a new way to install it. They were in search of a contemporary spin on the antique mirror backsplash. Diamonds or harlequins were much too traditional looking, besides that, it had been done before. 

Leslie drew out various ways to cut the mirror for the backsplash. Together they tweaked and tweaked until they came up with the idea to make 'bricks.' These 'bricks' were determined to be 4" x 8". It wasn't a genius moment that brought them to this size. It was by chance that Leslie's samples had been cut in half, from 8" x 8" to 4" x 8". Britten liked this size, and the decision was made! 

Leslie hadn't even considered attempting to install the tiles herself, she planned  the installation to be done by her most skilled team of glaziers. As luck would have it in the end, the team was delayed. The impatient, overly confident sisters, decided they could install the subway tile backsplash themselves.

Britten assured Leslie they could do it. She had installed her previous tile backsplash, after all. Leslie knew enough about mirrors to know this might be a challenge, but she decided to oblige her sister. 

The two sisters started the installation late on a Saturday night. It was 10 pm by the time they started putting the tape on the wall. Leslie brought along the mirror mastic and they used that along with the tape, mostly as insurance. The installation went so smoothly, they were done by 2 am despite a few glasses of wine.  

The next day Leslie decided to share the entertaining DIY installation story on her blog. As she wrote out every part of the process she realized that anybody could install the antique mirror tiles. She had no idea what would happen next! 

It wasn't very long before something magical happened. Emails, phone calls and comments started coming in. People wanted these Antique Mirror Subway Tiles! Folks were pinning away, and soon the Antique Mirror Subway Tile was Pinterest Famous! Leslie's Glass Shop was cutting up sheet after sheet of antique mirror.  

And that my friends is how Strip Tiles were born!

We have come a long way since that first installation. As  the demand grew, the need for a constant stock of antique mirror became necessary. Storage was a small issue. This was easily solved, we happened to have a large concrete wall that remained empty. It now houses all the large sheets of antique mirror for locals to see and pick from.  

Each order is still a special one for us, often spending time on the phone with each customer, helping them make their selections. 

Our passionate team is here to help you find the perfect antique mirror for your home.

Do you still believe in the value of the telephone? We do! You can call us directly at 239-947-1505 to discuss your project or custom price quotes. 


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