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Top 3 Antique Mirror Patterns

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We love antique mirrors, and our bet is that you do too! But with all the different patterns available, it can be a little tricky picking which one will look best for your project. Here are the top 3 antique mirror patterns that our repeatedly choose!

#1 - Summer Cloud

Summer cloud is our number one for all the right reasons. With it's subtle grey and taupe tones, summer cloud works as a perfect merging medium in your home between your existing furniture and decor, and your new antique mirror tiles!

#2 - Hollywood

Hollywood antique comes in a VERY close second to Summer Cloud. Hollywood carries itself with an air of elegance - reminiscing the old glamour of Hollywood from the roaring 20s. It contains gold and earth tones in the glass that is perfect for wet bars and backsplashes, and matches beautifully with already existing furniture, decor, and wood.

#3 - French

French is what I'll phrase as the "first step transition from clear mirror to antique mirror". If you want antique mirror but feel like "antique" could be too much, French is your best fit. There is no colour in French mirror, only dark speckles. A "True" antique look if you will. 

The best way for you to determine which mirror pattern is best for you out of our available 12 is to either order a sample box or come in to our showroom and get inspired!