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Beveled Antique Mirror Tiles

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They have arrived, and they are stunning!!

Beveled antique mirror tiles really bring the WOW factor to your home, and display tiles that you've never seen, nor will you see anywhere else. This is what we love about them.

Revitalizing the Bevel Mirror

Regular beveled mirrors, in our humble opinion, have become quite stale over the years. Seeing a bevel mirror is common nearly everywhere, and nothing new has really been done to the design of them recently. But bevel mirror when butted up against itself creates this beautiful quilt like effect. The beveled edges work to give the mirror dimension, and in their tile form is highly effective in making a space appear deeper and have more contrast. It helps each individual tile to stand out.


As stated above, dimension is a HUGE design trait that we really love. Mirrors are meant to open up space, brighten, and enhance areas. But mirrors often get lost in the fray, and sometimes your tile designs can get lost. Because of its nature, bevel antique mirror tiles look like large jewels on your backsplash, wet bar, or door inserts and really make a statement. Antique mirror is already beautiful, but helping it to really stand out on its own as opposed to just blending into the background makes it a piece of statement art in your home.

Brighter than Ever

Why do bevel mirrors seem brighter than standard mirror? Because the bevels catch the light and reflect it differently than regular mirror. Beveled antique mirrors tiles are a simple, yet artistic way, to help bring natural light, or enhance electrical right in your living space.

If you have any questions about our beveled antique mirror tiles, please feel free to call us at (239)947-1505 or stop in by our showroom and get inspired!

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