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Antique Mirror Tiles: What’s Most Popular Now?

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Antique Mirror Update: What’s Most Popular Now!

Since our last post about Antique Mirror, we have experienced a high rise in orders – thanks for that! We get lots of calls from potential customers looking for a recommendation. We are happy to discuss your space with you and share our recommendations. If you are wondering what Strip Tiles customers are crazy over right now, we thought we’d share our best sellers with you So to keep you in the loop of what is most popular right now, here’s what we’ve been making and shipping the most of, all over the world!


Hollywood is our favorite go-to for Gold Patinas and a dose of glam.  It also comes in 3rd on our best seller list.  Much like the Smokey Quartz, Hollywood has really nice warm gold and earth tones, but you will find grey as well. Hollywood is more heavily antiqued than some of the more subtle patterns, all done with an artistic flair. The patinas are hand applied in a more consistent way than the Smokey Quartz, the pattern is spread more evenly throughout the mirror, so the tiles are consistent from one to another.  Hollywood reminds me of something existing in the present from the glory days of old Hollywood in the 20s. There is something elegant and classy about it despite the ‘weathered’ or ‘aged’ look of the antique mirror. It carries itself well, if you get what I mean, and can add the regal aura to your project. Hollywood mixes effortlessly with Italiano and also compliments the Smokey Quartz.

Smokey Quartz

One of the new finishes, Smokey Quartz comes in 2nd place. With its patinas of pewter, gold, grey and even bronze, Smokey Quartz truly works in any space. If you favor gold in your décor, you will find the gold in the Smokey Quartz will be accentuated. Put Smokey Quartz in a room with more grey tones and the Grey will pop. Warm colors have been really popular lately, and they work eloquently with wood pieces and earthy toned rooms.  Because it’s handmade, there are so many different intensities of Smokey Quartz all on one sheet, giving you a flowing, and variant array of the mirror. Smokey Quartz is more heavily antiqued than some of the other patterns, which means it puts out less reflection. It also makes it super easy to keep it looking clean.  Smokey Quartz has so much variation from piece to piece. The variation in each tile makes it a great choice if you want to stick with one pattern. Some pieces will have more grey, while some have smaller and some have large antiqued ‘splotches’. There has to be a better word than ‘splotches’ but that’s all I’ve got right now! Smokey Quartz is one of the newest finishes developed and it was instantly a best seller. When customers want a recommendation, Smokey Quartz is an easy recommendation, you can’t go wrong with this one. No bravery required. Fear not, everyone loves Smokey Quartz.

First Place goes to.... Summer Cloud

popular antique mirror summer cloud

Being our top seller at the moment, Summer Cloud Antique Mirror wins when it comes to subtle colors and accents. Like Smokey Quartz, you can’t go wrong with Summer Cloud. If you’re struggling to decide which antique pattern to choose, end the struggle and know you are safe with Summer Cloud. With Summer Clouds grey or greige tones and silver highlights, the hand applied antiquing creates the most ‘authentic’ looking antique mirror. It reminds us of the mercury glass look we often see, but with more depth and beauty. Summer Cloud effortlessly flows into in any space. The patina finish on Summer Cloud could be called a chameleon finish, it seems to pick up the colors of whatever space it is in.  When the mostly Grey Summer Cloud is in a room with taupe or beige, these warm colors will mysteriously appear in the mirror. It’s gorgeous! If you are a fan of the traditional or authentic look Summer Cloud has, you will also love French and Woodford. These are all on the more reflective side and also all have the same color family with grey and silver antiquing. They play very well together for a mixed tileset. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, consider adding in one of our personal favorites…Sunset. Sunset has a similar grey and silver base patina as the Summer Cloud, but with Rose-Gold Highlights added to create the Sunset. Yes, I said Rose Gold! Typing that description out gives me that giddy feeling all over. I am really in love with Rose Gold. I have long loved gold. The only thing that could make gold any better is to add some Rose, right? Adding some Rose Gold highlights to our antique Mirror is the only thing that could make it any better! It’s just a lovely way to combine two things we will never tire of- Rose Gold and a Sunset.


If you’re interested in seeing our best sellers, or more of our Antique Mirror, stop into our showroom or take a look at our shop site Order a sample box and see what works best in your home!

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    Pls contact me in reference to variations of your antique mirror glasses tiles. Need something that can be used as accents with the antique bronze mirror tiles .

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