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Mirror Rosettes

Alex Inniss flower rosette mirror rosettes rosette

Have you tried searching for mirror rosettes with no luck? Or all you could find was the same ones that were in your grandma's bathroom growing up?  We had the same dilemma. We searched and searched and scoured the internet, mirror catalogs and pinterest for some different mirror rosette options. 

So, we started making our own handcrafted mirror rosettes! We are actually obsessed with how beautiful a mirror rosette can be that we can't seem to stop making more. 

Mirror Rosettes are the perfect compliment to antique mirror tiles. Our mirror rosettes are design forward and contemporary styled. These are not your grandma's rosettes!

What are Mirror Rosette's?

Today a Mirror Rosette is purely decorative in nature. We like to think of it as jewelry for your mirrors. This wasn't always the case though. A long, long time ago, rosettes served a functional purpose. They were installed at the corners of the mirror with a screw to hold the mirror in place. Adding a rosette was an installation technique. 

Mirror Rosettes weren't always so pretty. When they were used for installations the decorative factor was overlooked. They were quite boring in fact. With the vast improvement of mirror adhesives, Rosettes slowly became extinct. 

Rosette's are back and better than ever!

Today, mirror rosette's are a bling factor. Since their purpose is now to decorate mirrors, they best be sexy. Look no further for the hottest mirror bling!

With all these amazing designs, it was time to make them available to you!


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