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Herringbone Antique Mirror Tiles

Leslie Pabst antique mirror antique mirror tile backsplash herringbone

Herringbone Antique Mirror Tiles

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We swoon for Herringbone.

Adding antique mirror tiles to just about anywhere in your home is of course a great idea. This wet bar just called for some sparkly aged mirror. When Designer Katherine Marx, Idology Interiors wanted to use Strip Tile for a recent project she was not afraid to try something new.  "I saw a photo on your Instagram of the tiles installed in a Herringbone Pattern and I knew it would be perfect for this wet bar.' Marx took that inspiration image and literally put her own spin on it. She chose to spin it sideways, the pattern that is. "I also wanted the tiles to be oversized in the length, to add to the tall illusion.' She chose an unconventional size of 4" x 14", almost double the popular 4" x 8" size. 

Antique Mirror Tiles Herringbone

Summer Cloud Please!

Marx chose to use one finish for the installation and Summer Cloud it was. 'Summer Cloud looks amazing when paired with beige or taupe walls, it's like a chameleon that adjusts to it's surroundings.' The Summer Cloud at first appears to only have grey patinas, but when it sits in a a room with warm neutrals, it's taupe undertones appear. 

Installing Herringbone

Antique mirror herringbone installation

Strip Tiles are for the professional and DIYer alike. Adding a herringbone pattern is more complex and Marx commisionned our sister company, The Glass Shoppe, to create and install this Herringbone Masterpiece. 

Typically the tiles are cut and installed on site. Herringbone requires many more cuts than a standard subway tile install and almost every cut is on an angle.  Our fabricating facility was the best spot to cut and apply these tiles. The original plan was to mount them to a piece of wood and install as one large piece. 

Our artisans took it one step further and instead of wood, they chose to use a piece of mirror as the mounting surface. Each tile was cut and taped to the larger base mirror. Grout is never necessary with strip tile antique mirror, any small spaces can be covered with black tape or filled in with paint or even a marker. Mounting the tiles right on a large plain mirror literally made any seam invisible. 

Herringbone Sideways?

Yep. This herringbone pattern is turned on it's side. We don't like Drama, unless it comes to our handmade antique mirror, then the more Drama the better. Turning this pattern sideways adding just the right amount of Drama for this cool coastal Naples Florida Home. Herringbone is Sexy, Herringbone sideways-super sexy. 

antique mirror tile herringbone glass


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