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What to Do Once You Receive Your Sample Set

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You like antique mirror. And you like the patterns that we carry - yay! Because mirror is one of those things that just doesn't photograph well as a subject matter, we highly encourage ordering a sample set of tiles so that you can personally see how the mirror looks in your home both reflecting your walls and light sources.

As I was boxing up some mirror tiles to ship out the other day, I noticed something that I thought would be really helpful to all you.

When we look at mirror, we tend to view it head on - normally because we are looking at what is being reflected rather than the material itself. However! Antique mirror is slightly different in that we like it because of the patterns in the glass. When you receive your sample set, be aware that what is reflecting in your mirror tiles will change how you see it.

Find a clear white surface for you to be able to reflect the tiles into. A wall or curtain is perfectly fine, and make sure that you have adequate light. Go ahead and look into the mirror just as how you normally would, but also turn it and look at it from different angels. You'll be happily surprised by all the different colors and patterns you'll find. If you're using these tiles for your backsplash, you will be seeing these tiles at different angles all the time showing off all their brilliant patterns, but first impressions matter, ya know?

Like I said before, when I was putting those sample boxes together the other day, I was looking for pieces that represented each pattern the best. And often I was dismissing what I thought was a weak tile, but as soon as I turned it the mirror would explode with pattern! Each sheet of antique mirror is hand made, so even the sheets themselves have many different variations, saturations, and consistencies throughout. Nothing is the same, or cookie cutter in any way. We also hand cut every piece of antique mirror, so each individual tile is its own, and has its own "personality". And once you find a pattern that makes you say, "That's the one," you can order them right here on Striptiles!

I really hope that this helps out anyone who was skeptical about ordering a sample box - antique mirror really is a wonderful option and material! Being a DIY installation project makes it personal to each client, and we know that the right pattern will serve you well!

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call and get inspired!

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