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Striptiles!! - A DIY Antique Mirror Project

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Break open the wine ladies and gents - we’re talking about antique mirror tiles today!

What I REALLY love about our antique mirror tiles is, 1) we ship them all over the country and, 2) you can install them yourself!!


Antique mirror tiles are one of those things that just make me really happy. Completing a project that you can put your own stamp on is super satisfying, and incredibly impressive. Most won’t even try to ATTEMPT something like this believing that it is just too daunting of a task, but we are not most people. Oh no, we are innovators, and you are a DIY Antique Mirror Project Master! You just don’t know it yet.


That’s ok, I’m here to help.


Where the Heck am I Going to Put Them?

Very valid question, very valid indeed. Where we most commonly use antique mirror tiles, and where we most often see them, is in backsplashes. Both in the kitchen, and in wet bars.


Antique mirror backsplashes are fabulous both stylistically and practically. The different pattern choices can help to enhance a color or theme, and when being used in high traffic areas, can really help save on clean up.


I personally really like the aesthetic of antique mirrors, especially in a wet bar. Antique mirror is just such an elegant and high end addition to any part of a home, but they just fit into a wet bar like apples into a pie.


Antique mirror also looks great as cabinet door inlays. 1/8” thick laid into the depression in your cabinet doors creates this gorgeous demential effect. And if you really want that mirror to pop, beveled antique mirror tiles are sublime. Butted beveled mirrors create that diamond effect where the bevels sparkle.


Choosing a Pattern


We have twelve different patterns that we stock by the sheet in the antique mirror, and from there hand cut every tile. In short - you can have tile in custom sizes besides what is listed on our shop site 


Dark Cloud - The darkest of the antique mirror, dark cloud has a deep, cloudy, inky look that creates a great contrast against light surfaces. It’s also my personal favorite.


Summer Cloud - Summer cloud has the same texture effects of dark cloud, but much lighter in color. Because fo the color difference, the tone contrast in the summer cloud is way bolder.


Hydrangea - Mixtures of pinks and blues bubble and swirl in hydrangea mirror bringing some color to your surfaces.


Wisteria - Bright copper tones with splashes of blue bring this bright bit of colorful mirror into full focus in your home.


Hollywood - One of our most popular patterns, Hollywood has gold drops in the mirror that remind me of old Hollywood and speak easy’s in the 20s and 30s. Truly has a regal look to it.


Smokey Quartz - The mirror with the most variations to its pattern. Smokey Quartz is our most unique mirror. Ranging everywhere from a gold and grey splotch, like the Hollywood, to a more grey toned smear pattern. Again, all the antique mirror is made and cut by hand - but the SQ has the most variation to its pattern.


French and Woodford - The reason that I’m putting these two together is because they are SO SIMILAR. When you think of a traditional, authentic, antiqued mirror - this is it right here. These two patterns look like they have really seen the time change. Woodford tends to have larger silvered splotches, while the French has smaller, almost sprayed like, spots.


Sunset - Ever wished you could take the sunset and just put it in your home? Sunset antique mirror is the closest you’re probably going to be able to get. A fusion of orange and light blue washed into the mirror gives it that true and authentic sunset look and feel that can set your backsplash on fire.


Italiano - Another true antique favorite, Italiano has spots and splotches of colors. It’s close to Silver Patina, but the colors aren’t as vibrant. The pattern has a “close circles” texture that helps the mirror to pop and have a dimensional effect.


Silver Patina - Hello gorgeous! Much like the Italiano, this mirror is full of character with color and circular textures.


Rainbow - Like splats? I like splats! They’re fun!! And Rainbow really does have this incredibly unique effect with its splatty design. It almost looks like little blooms in the mirror and I love it.


When choosing a pattern we strongly suggest ordering a sample set or stopping in to our showroom before purchasing a large quantity. Mirror doesn’t photograph well, and seeing it in person will give you the most accurate representation of what you will see in your home.


Two Types of Tile


Now, while we have 12 different patterns of mirror, we have 2 different types of tile - one of them VERY new.


Our standard tile is hand cut antique mirror to size; our most popular being the 4” X 8” tiles. These tiles can be applied right to your wall, and are easy enough to do it yourself!


Our new tiles have a pretty neat twist to them. They give off more of a jeweled vibe, are far more dimensional, and really stand out apart from anything else. Beveled Antique Mirror Tiles.


Bevels butted up against bevels create a faceted effect that catch the light and really help the mirror to POP!


Tiles Don’t Have to be Boring!


When we think of subway tiles… it seems kind of generic right? You’re not wrong, they are and can be, but you don’t HAVE to go traditional. You have options people!!


Herring Bone - Herring Bone is one of those tile patterns that just - YES! It’s not that complicated to accomplish, but really ups the ante on your tile look. It’s one of my personal favorites, and if I can pull off putting some tile up in a herring bone pattern - you definitely can.

Chevron - Now, chevron is one of those patterns that can get slightly trickier, but again, is not impossible. It’s because instead of a rectangular tile, each piece has to be cut with a mitered edge to create that chevron style. 


Diamond and Checkered - This is one I haven’t really seen anyone do yet, and I would really like to. This is a pattern that can be done relatively easily, but instead of rectangles, you would want to use squares or diamonds, and yes, there is a difference. So please, someone try this.


Versailles Tile Pattern - Alright, who wants to be a dare devil? This is definitely for the client that wants to challenge themselves. With a more intricate and complex pattern of squares and rectangles, this may be one that I might possibly, or rather should, suggest you leave up to the professionals - but I believe in you if you can believe in yourself haha. If anyone shoots for this, I would love to see pictures of it!!!


DIY Installation?


If you still don’t believe me that this is a DIY project, or if you are feeling intimidated, you shouldn’t!

This is a great home project and


On our shop site you an purchase everything you need to install your antique mirror tiles properly!


Mirror Mastic - Mastic is this goopy, putty like adhesive that once sticks is STUCK!! We don’t use any grout (bless) when installing our mirror tiles, so this mastic is brilliant. Think of it as cement in a tube.


Mirror Tape - Mirror tape is one of my favorite adhesives. Because it never gives. EVER! Once mirror tape is down, there is no budging. My favorite way to use it is to either place a whole strip along the area I am taping and sticking the tiles to it, or putting two small strips along the back of each individual tile.




Rosettes are one of those things that can really transform something from a 9 to a 10. Think of rosettes as jewelry for your mirror. They help to highlight and accent the mirror tiles by bringing out a sleepy background color in the glass, and/or adding that extra touch of sparkle.

I personally like rosettes because they are a personalized touch. All of our rosettes are assembled by hand - so each one is custom. We stock a couple of patterns, which you can check out on our shop site, but we like the custom touch.

I also like how they help complete a mirror.

I find that rosettes just really help to polish off mirror tiles and complete the picture. Little details count, and these small additions make a world of difference.


I think that pretty much covers everything… but if you have any questions, you can always visit our shop site or come into our showroom and get inspired!!!

And for those of you checking us out on Striptiles, pop on over to our main site and see more!

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